Friday, January 1

The Year That Was 2015

Might I even say, the best year of my life so far.

I went into the year without resolutions because I always believed making goals only to fail to achieve them was discouraging. Despite that, I feel very accomplished this year, that's not to say it's been perfect, I've broken down a couple a times but you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette right?

I feel compelled to document all the positive things from last year. Hashtag blessed, jk.
Went to Concerts
I was never really fond of spending money on events, but I went to Ed Sheeran's (Actually wouldn't mind paying for VIP for when he comes back, can't deny talent) and Katy Perry's performances here, all thanks to some friends.

Lost 20 pounds
I was 22 years old, with juvenile arthritis and other health issues. At one point I just had enough of it and decided to get healthier. I got into counting calories, eating healthier and exercising.

It was a very slow journey, in 7 months I only lost 20 pounds.There were a lot of times I was frustrated because I couldn't do more high impact cardio I needed to do to lose weight faster because of my knee.

Motivation declined the latter part of the year, but I plan on getting back on track soon. Realistically once all the Hamon is gone.

Learned How to Swim
Seeing the near end of my education, I started getting anxious about what I would do after. Jokingly I told my mom I'd apply as a flight attendant. She saw that as an excuse to enroll me to a swimming course.

It was a little bit embarrassing to be the only adult in my class, but I am so glad I did this. Swimming solved my cardio problem, now all I need is constant access to a pool.

Later, I found out that swimming is not a prerequisite to becoming a flight attendant, but I am so happy and excited that I now know how. That's right ocean and other bodies of water, trying to strangle me is gonna be harder now!

Traveled a Little Bit
I got to go to Boracay twice, a destination that becomes more fun once you know how to swim, not as ashamed of your body and of legal drinking age (hopefully, not using those two to drink then swim). Once for my cousin's wedding, and the second time just 'cuz.

In October we went to Singapore (omg the food you guyssss) for another cousin's wedding, then we drove to Malaysia and spent half a day there lol.

Got an Uno
Got an uno on one of my subjects! I have long accepted that I wasn't smart, but this made me feel really good about myself! Exclamation marks! Woohoo!

Met Someone
Pretty sure I was going to die alone, but maybe not! We'll see.

It's gonna be hard to top 2015, but I'm gonna try my darnest to make it the best it can be.

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2015 wasn't too much of a bitch to you, and I sincerely wish everyone a good 2016!

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