Tuesday, April 7

PROM x 2 // Metallic Eyes & Red Lips

Hi! Hey! Waddup?

I haven't been posting and it's not for the lack of time so I basically have no excuse. Let me try to get back to it the lazy way by sharing some looks I've done.

Last February aka prom season my little sister let me go ham (and let me feel like a wannabe make-up artist) on her face with five pounds of make-up. Jk, jk...kinda.

And yeah, you read that right, looks. Plural. One for her prom, one for a prom she got invited to. Because it's a rule that one of the sisters must be popular/pretty or something. Anywaysssss bitter comment aside, be prepared for a photo dump below.

If I remember correctly, her prom was garden themed (???) but I didn't care and just tried to 'match the make-up to her dress.

A look she shoots me often, I call it the 'I hate you ate' look

As much as I'd love to use less base make-up, my sister has a lot of acne and texture on the skin I had to conceal.

base / Laura Mercier Flawless Fluide in Chai, MAC Select Cover up in NC 42 mixed with LA Girl Pro Conceal in for under the eyes, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflauge in SC-2, SC-6 for blemishes
lip / MAC Fast Play
cheeks / Clinique Blushin Blush Powder Blush in Smoldering Plum
eyes / Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eyehsadow in Vintage Black Gold, The Face Shop
brows / eyebrow pencils in grey and black from Saizen, Etude House top coat
contour / theBalm Bahama Mama
Can I just say, I fricking hated doing her hair. Doing hair feels like trying to contain an ocean. I just. Agh.

In the end, you can't make an un-cool person cool, even with make-up. JK if you're reading this Kristine, luhh yaaaa.

Mafia was the theme for the other prom, so I went for the obvious and used red lipstick.

base / was basically the same as the one I did on the first look
lip / Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red
brows / eyebrow pencils in grey and black from Saizen, Etude House top coat
contour / theBalm Bahama Mama

Just a variation of the 'I hate you ate' look seen above

Lol yeah that's it, lemme add another flattering photo of myself on the interwebz.

Did you guys get your make-up done for prom/grad ball? For prom I had mine done at a random salon. I remember doing my own make-up for ball (I had 0 interest and -100 knowledge on beauty back then) and looking back it wasn't the best idea. Why would you let me do that mom????


Not that bad I guess?

Look at them over-threaded brows. I'm just happy I used too little make-up rather than too much.

It would be nice if I get some prom photos in the comments section hahahaha.

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