Thursday, December 4

Battle of the Drugstore SPFs #2

Apparently it's been more than a year since my first Battle of the Drugstore SPFs post (which goes to show how neglected this blog is) and I'm still on the hunt for my HG SPF. Unsurprisingly, I've tried more SPFs and the more I've tried the more I realized how bad, my past favorites are so let me start by saying that I threw away the Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer (it stings the eyes too much even when I'm not sweating which is like, rare as f) and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel (Won't absorb, heavily scented) and I didn't even look back (in reality I'm trying to use them up as body spf).

Now that all that hate is out of the way, let's start talking about the SPFs that caused that hate. LOLJKbutnoreally.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid SunscreenNeutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion / 
Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen / Ocean Potion Face Potion Clear Zinc Oxide

The Anessa Perfect UV suncreen is so watery (alcohol-y?) I couldn't get a non-blurry photo before it vanished to the edge of my arm. (wat)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen SPF 70 $12.99 / 40 ml
Ah yessss, my current favorite. I have nothing bad to say about this except that this isn't available locally. I'll keep it short, if you come across this, try it out. It's often buy 1 get 50% off the second at ulta and if you don't like it send it to me.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++ 460 php / 30 ml
I thought I was buying the Asian release of the above as the packaging is basically the same but found that this is more suited to oily combo skin. My skin was having a weird dry phase and wearing this was slightly uncomfortable and highlighted my dry patches.

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ ??? / 50ml
I had really high hopes for this one, which probably set it up for failure. The moment I slapped this on my face I smelt (smelled?) the alcohol and my heart sank. I can't, in good conscience recommend this to anyone even if your face is a ~literal oil slick~. No, just NO.

However, I can't see this go to waste so I liberally lay on the moisturizer before I layer this on.

Ocean Potion Face Potion Clear Zinc Oxide SPF 45 roughly $5 / 1 oz
I know the swatch looks scary thick, but it stays true to it's name and blends clear. It feels nice on the face and I want to repurchase but it's always out of stock in Landmark Trinoma.

Another TLDR; post summary: Aside from the Anessa, they're all really good!

None of these broke me out thank you lawddd and none of them gave me a white cast can I get a hallelujah from my fellow morenas so it's basically up to your skin type/preference of finish.

If you have dry skin opt for Ocean Potion Face Potion Clear Zinc Oxide SPF 45, If you're normal-oily/combo Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock SPF 70 and if you're oily and need a matiffying base try the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion.

I am still very open to trying out other SPFs (dreaming of Sun Bear --- cheap and doesn't contain alcohol like most Japanese spfs--- and maybe the new ones from Cetaphil, and other variants from Neutrogena.)