Saturday, June 7

Good game, Gone Girl | A non-review

I never planned on picking this up, but I was at Costco when I happened upon it in an abandoned cart (at least I hope it was abandoned), checked to see if they had a better copy (who wants the abandoned copy a lot of people probably touched? my germaphobe is peeking through, sorry) saw that it was the last copy, felt panic set in and then all of a sudden I had to have it (you know how it is) but I am so happy I did pick it up, and now I'm starting Dark Places.

But now you're thinking, "What's with the non-review?" and it's actually quite simple: I don't want to review this book, I can't, at least not without giving the teensiest hint to the twist, so I'm not going to. I made the mistake of watching non-spoiler reviews (I used to be the kind of girl who read the last page of the book first, so this is a step up) which eventually made me guess the twist and so when I got to it, it didn't blow my mind (but it was still so good), but maybe that's just me (probably not, I'm not that special).

So you're just going to have to trust me on this, this from a person who panics when asked for recommendations because of my fear of disappointing someone. I promise, I will only ask of you this once: Read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Read Gone Girl because you owe it to yourself to read something good (mehganon haha), no but seriously, read it. (Maybe not if you're too young or if you're easily offended, or you don't like thrillers, or if you don't like happiness JK, JK) But if that doesn't convince you (I don't know how it can't) here's the synopsis or if you rather, the (very vague) trailer.