Thursday, May 15

Wear & Tear #3 + updates // New York 2014

So I should probably explain my absence (lol not really, I don't owe you anything /sassysnaps), but I've haven't been home. (Also, since the last time I've posted, I've cut and dyed my hair, changed my eyebrow shape countless times.

I visited the East Coast for the first time, and it was amazing, now every time I watch a movie with New York as a setting I exclaim "I'VE BEEN THERE!" I know, I know, it's annoying, but I can't help it! I even do it whenever I watch fake New York because I've been to the Universal Studios backlot tour thrice (mainly because on the first tour, our guide pointed out that The Mindy Project shoots there and I've been secretly wishing I'd see Mindy, which was pointless because they were on hiatus to write, lol)
 If you do go see the Lady Liberty, the Pedastal Access and Crowne ticket is completely unnecessary.

Macho fire fighters scream NYC for some reason.
Because, duh.
Personal Note: Next time, dedicate at least a day for the MET.

"American Dreams"
aka everyone in my family is all about #DaDrama

Come on wall, we've talked about this. 
Story of a shopaholic's my life
Excited for 30 Rock even though I know they didn't film there.

New York is so different from L.A. People are casually walking around like they've been styled to be shot for a lookbook while I'm walking around in the mismatched outfit I've managed to fit in my tiny-last-minute-carry-on suitcase.

I am not in the mercy of whomever relative with a car was free. We did occasionally get lost on the subway but people were extremely helpful and patient (and I mean super duper patient, at one point my mom was calling the 7 line the purple train and the girl was confused), I don't know where people get that New Yorkers are rude (It might also be because were mostly in the touristy parts, idk). It also helps that I did not get mugged.

Anyways, thaz ittt.

How's your summer vacation so far? Hope it's eventful (or at least you've been squirting some whipped cream straight to your mouth like I have) and that you're still alive despite the heat and humidity.