Sunday, September 1

Project Vanity X Clinique

 Ooohhh shinnnyyy. I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

I was late and arrived while ms. Liz was in the middle of a demo / question and answer session, but thankfully she was still doing the volunteer's base and I was able to watch the rest of the demo.
Two of the more interesting things I learned was that if you are going to use eyeshadow and you plan on using a primer / base, it's fine not to put foundation on your lids. WHOA. I've been doing it all wrong, and that misting should be done after the base. GENIUS. I've always done it after I finished my full face but wasn't a fan because it often ruined my eyeliner.

Photo borrowed from the Official Clinique Philippines FB page. I'm the one in the stripes.
And then there was a make-up challenge that allowed us to play with all the beautiful Clinique products. We split into teams of two and were given 30 minutes to do a themed make-up look.
My partner in make-up crime. What haha. Our theme was bold brows and lips, a trend that I don't think I will never not love.
Can I just say, their eyebrow pencil is just, WOW. It's so fine so you can draw individual hair, and it was creamy and pigmented.
With Clinique's Marketing Manager
I also met Terry from Terry-fic Pinay and Jasmine.
Obligatory fangirl-y photo. Ms. Liz is amazing. Period. AHDJAKDALSDKASD.