Friday, September 6

Wear and Tear #1 // Singapore 2012

So this particular post revolves around a trip I took with my friends to Singapore last year, with the help of my friends yes, I have friends I was well documented haha
We stayed at a house in the suburbs and on the way to the train we always pass by this super cute playground and we always take pictures because we are tourists like that.
The ION mall is beautiful despite the fact that I could not afford to buy a single thing there. (Well, maybe something from Sephora)

Here's one of my outfits and a cheesy mirror photo. I wore my boots 98% of the trip and it was such a bad idea. Even the most comfortable footwear maybe except slipper/flip flops will be painful when you have to walk in it everywhere. I tried to ease the pain by doubling the pair of sock, but it just wouldn't work, and the only other pair of footwear I brought were a disgusting pair of flip flops that I just brought for home wear, and I couldn't bare to be seen in them. I am a superficial butt, deal with it

Food, because, food.
This girl had the most amazing bright pink hair (Obviously) and I am totally not a creeper, nope. Cray cray colored hair wasn't as normal as it is now so I was mesmerized. 
The only ramen that I actually like, I don't know the ones I've tried locally just isn't anything special, I'd rather eat some pho. I can't really remember where the ramen place is specifically, but it's a small place you'd overlook at cuppage.

I'm not sure why my face is all blehhghhhgh, apparently I find instagramming my food a dificult task.

This is also the only day that I wore eyeshadow because I am a noob.

Here I am with mah two frandsss who throughout the trip looked so cute, girly and gyaruuu while I was err...that.