Friday, September 6

Battle of the Drugstore SPFs // A Mini Comparison Review

So my quest for the perfect sunblock / sunscreen (Yep, there's a difference) started late last year when I found out that the sun is the biggest factor in aging. Nowadays, I feel really horrible when I forget to put SPF on. *shakes fist towards the sky* (Here's an amazing SPF Cheat Sheet by none other than the skin queen)

So the cheap person I am, I gravitated towards the drugstore to find my perfect SPF. Honestly, I'm still searching, but there are a lot of good enough formulas out there.

Hopefully this mini comparison helps you choose which one will work out for you because you are never too young to start wearing SPF everyday. I know I wish I started earlier ha (Sometimes I force SPF on my sister. If you're familiar with Vine and know what smack cams are, that's what I do, except gentler and with SPF, she hates me for it hahahaha)

Also, all of these are locally available, I hate it when I get super excited about a review only to find out I can't get my hands on it the products being reviewed jasddbhadsjkdhah, but I still love reading them anyways. just in case my drug dealers abroad (aka my relatives) are feeling generous

From left to right : SpectraBAN SPF 60 PA+++ // Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ // Nivea sun SPF 50 PA++ // NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 40
From left to right : Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30 // Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30 PA++

I've separated these two as they are mainly moisturizers but with SPF.
 Hopefully you can see the texture and the thickness of the sunscreens/block
Again from left to right : SpectraBAN SPF 60 PA+++ // Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ // Nivea sun SPF 50 PA++ // NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 40

Somewhat blended out.
From left to right : Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30 // Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30 PA++
 Again, somewhat blended out.

Below are pictures of the ingredients (aside from the Neutrogena Hydro Boost as I've lost it's box) : click each picture to see a larger version. BTW if you're like me and have acne, I've found a great website to check out ingredients for products and see how it'll react to acne.
 SpectraBAN SPF 60 PA+++ 
Now this is the first SPF I've tried and as you can see I was pretty paranoid, Nowadays find that SPF 30 is enough for daily use. It's pretty thick if you've noticed from the photo above, and it's got a little bit of white cast but it's to be expected from an SPF that's so high.

It says it's fragrance free but to me it smells like cinnamon and sunblock (Which to me sounds and smell nice, imagine summer and fall/winter became lovazzz and made a bebe haha) , I've asked my mom and my sister to verify this and they don't agree with me. /sadface

Once blended out the white cast lessens, but it gives a very shiny appearance (probably because it contains mineral oil)

 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ 
At that time, I was also paranoid about fragrance in my skincare (Now I'm more lenient but still aware, as long as it's alcohol/perfume isn't very high on the list of ingredients) so I was hesistant in trying this. 

The scent is too strong for my liking but dissipates after a while and like the SpectraBAN SPF this has a slight white cast but it doesn't have the oily looking finish.
 Nivea sun SPF 50 PA++ 
This has a slight yellow-ish tinge to it which I find odd,  and it has a sunblock and perfume-y scent.
Like the others, it has a slight white cast and it's got a nice satin finish.

Not really much to say about this one because I just don't like it.

 NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 40 
This was given to me by my dermatologist but it was too difficult to work with, it had the most unforgiving white cast out of the four despite how thin it is (which might be a positive thing if you're pale and and have redness you want to conceal) and when I sweat (Sorry TMI but it has to be said) it turns milky. Eww, not a good look.

This has a slight sunblock-y scent and dries down quite matte.

 Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30
Now this is my current favorite. I bought this when my skin was supercalifragilistically oily because of treatments from my dermatologist. It doesn't completely hold off oil,  but it's the best out of all of the ones on this list.

It has just the right amount of SPF,  and it doesn't have a white cast (Woop woop for morenas like me)

It has a light traditional sunblock smell that dissapears shortly after you blend it out and you get a satin finish.

The only negative (which doesn't just apply to me, I've checked the interweb to verify) is that it stings my eyes when applied too close, so that's where my the Hydro Boost comes in.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30 PA++
Again apologies for not having an ingredients photo.
I also bought this when I was oily and was excited about this as it's a gel formula and I've read that its the best for my skin type.

I find that this just sits on top of my skin instead of being absorbed (like a moisturizer should), and it tends to make me look oily so I use this when I use a really matte foundation. Another thing that annoys me is the strong fragrance that lingers.

Phew, that was probably a TLDR post, but to sum it up I currently love the Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer the most.

I'm still interested in trying as much SPFs as I can, and I even have my eyes on some already (Etude House has a lot of variants I want to try, Anessa variants by Shiseido too if I could get my hands on them)