Monday, August 26

Etude House Princess Academy 2013

I was able to go to the Etude House event last July 27 (Yes, this blog post is way overdue.) and to sum it up; it was fun! I wasn't planning on going but when I bought a few things they gave me the choice between the invite or a pomegranate mask and I don't really like their masks because they have alcohol in it.

Everything was overwhelmingly pink, which really shouldn't have surprised me but I don't know. They had a good variation of booths, activities and talks that kept me entertained for the most part, but I'm not gonna lie, my favorite part were the freebies

For now have a photo dump to help you imagine you were at the event. (If you weren't)
Here's one of the booths in the event, not very hygienic but it was fun to see others participate.
Let me tell you, there was a lot of screaming and fangirling in this particular booth.
Especially when Robbie stepped in.

 Here's Super Simple, a Super Junior dance cover group that preformed. They had amazing DIY'd blazers that I wanted to get my hands on.
Divine Lee was there to talk about how to dress up for your body shape.
While Rxandy Capinpin was there to talk about how to pose and take selfies.

 The treats were also pink of course. Pink cotton candy, cookies, drinks and macarons.
There was a line of beautiful pink train cases filled with etude house products for the free makeovers.
I didn't participate because aside from the fact that the line was long, I already had make-up on, I'm a bit germaphobic when it comes to brushes and products, and I doubt they'd have a base apt for my morena coloring.

Welll, that's it I had to leave early because I had a school thang, and I didn't go on the second day because it was my dad's birthday.